About Us

imageLantern Media is a publishing services company. We provide a full range of services, including manuscript consultancy, editing, copywriting, proposal writing, ghostwriting, and the creation of ebooks.

Lantern reserves the right to decide which projects it will undertake.

Lantern Books is the publishing counterpart to LanternMedia. Lantern Books publishes books on religion, vegetarianism, animal rights, social justice, and other areas.

martinMartin Rowe is Publisher at Lantern Books and Vice-President of Booklight Inc. He is the author of The Elephants in the Room, The Polar Bear in the Zoo, and Nicaea, and editor of The Way of Compassion and Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology. He co-founded the magazine Satya. He is also the author (with Evander) of Right Off the Bat. Over the course of his professional life, Martin has ghostwritten some 15 titles—on religion, public policy, philosophy, vegetarianism, and international affairs. His website is martin-rowe.com. He blogs regularly at rightoffthebatbook.com. He can be reached at martin@lanternbooks.com.



Kara Davis is Managing Director of Lantern Books. With almost two decades' experience in the publishing industry, Kara came to Lantern after a decade of book club web marketing. She is an artist who uses her creative energies for activism, as well as trying to feed her neighbors pickles. Kara is co-editor of Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals, and The Sexual Politics of Meat. She can be reached at kara@lanternbooks.com.


imageEvander Lomke is the Editor at Large at Lantern Books and Steiner Books, and the Executive Director of the American Mental Health Foundation, which celebrates 90 years of excellence devoted to mental health research. Over the course of his four-decade publishing career, Evander has edited an astonishing 1,200 books—including those by Paulo Freire, Erich Fromm, Hans Küng, Carol J. Adams, and Josephine Donovan. Born and bred in the Bronx, and a passionate fan of the NY Yankees, Evander is the author (with Martin) of Right Off the Bat. He blogs regularly at rightoffthebatbook.com.


Gene Gollogly is CEO and President of Booklight Inc. and Lantern Books. Gene has worked with Fr. Thomas Keating on numerous books on centering prayer, Lawrence Blum and Charles "Sid" Heal on titles on policy strategy, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer on ethnographies on minorities in Israel. Gene is also Director of Steiner Books, a non-profit publishing company that focuses on the works and ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Gene is on the board of Liturgical Press and is the chairman of the Association of American Publishers Small and Independent Publisher Group. He can be reached at gene@lanternbooks.com.