About Us

LanternMedia is a publishing services company. We provide a range of services, including manuscript consultancy, editing, copywriting, proposal writing, and ghostwriting.

LanternMedia is a division of Lantern Publishing & Media. Lantern publishes books on veganism, animal rights, social justice, and other areas. Lantern reserves the right to decide which projects it will undertake.

martinMartin Rowe is Publisher at Lantern Publishing & Media, the co-vice president of the Culture & Animals Foundation, and a Senior Fellow at Brighter Green. He is the author of The Elephants in the Room, The Polar Bear in the Zoo, and Nicaea, and editor of The Way of Compassion and Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology. He co-founded the magazine Satya. He is also the author (with Evander Lomke) of Right Off the Bat. Over the course of his professional life, Martin has ghostwritten some 15 titles—on religion, public policy, philosophy, vegetarianism, and international affairs. His website is martin-rowe.com. He can be reached at martin [at] lanternbooks [dot] com.